A well rounded life for family and dogues.


A bit about us.

Things are pretty laid back here, all our dogs live at our home, they are family dogs. We have a small little farm here in south east Queensland, we mostly run horses and a few cows (and way too many ducks). All the dogs love to get out on the farm and run around the paddocks and they especially enjoy a swim in the da

About Us

Advise and aid


First stop : ask you vet! But we have kept dogs throughout our lives and we have a history of successful breeding. Should you have any general questions we are more than happy to help you out.

Down on the farm


We own a small family run farm in South-east Queensland, breeding livestock. Its an old fashioned lifestyle with freedom to run and swim and a stable home to lay you head.

Dogues for life


 Buying a dog is making a commitment to provide for it for its entire life. We wish for all the dogs have a long and healthy life filled with love.