A well rounded life for family and dogues.

About Puppies

We are Registered Breeders.


We are registered breeders with ANKC through Dogs Queensland.  

Great parents dogs.


We breed the type of dog you want to have. For the benefit of our reputation, the continuation of the breed and happy owners. Good quality benefits everyone...

Dogs friendly facilities.


We have multiple fences and can create a 'pupping' yard for bitches to have some time out before birth and some security and solitude after birthing. Its puppy safe, hygienic and fully equipped with whelping box and heating. 

Vac, chip & papers.


All puppies with be micro-chipped, we will have puppies up-to-date with vaccinations but will require further shots as they get older. We will submit the required paperwork to get all pups registered or transferred into your name. 

Transport and travel.


We can help with making travel arrangement for movements within QLD and interstate. Please note that we insist on direct flights (not stop overs) for new little puppies. 

We only occasionally have pups.


Please keep an eye on our facebook page for updates. We are happy to keep the details of anybody interested in future puppies but we do not bred dogs by request. Thanks